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I went to Safford Jeep of Warrenton, VA and inquired about a price on a Grand Cherokee, I was quoted a non negotiable price of just over 40K. I then went to Manassas Jeep and they quoted me a lower price and assured me they could get the vehicle from Safford as they had a great working relationship. They even call Safford of Warrenton and made arrangements to get the vehicle that day, while i was standing there listening. When i went back later to pick up the car i was told they would have it the next day. When i called the next day it had a pending sale, all of a sudden and Safford of Warrenton would not release it. How did they sell it when it was promised and in transit to me!

When i contacted Jeep America Corporate, they told me if i wanted the car i had to go to Safford and pay the higher price.

As far as i see it, Safford Jeep of Warrenton is a shady dealership, Jeep of Manassas, VA is a liar and Jeep America covers for them. My best recommendation for all people is stay clear of both dealerships and you might even want to rethink buying a JEEP product all together! We need to protect ourselves from childish, selfish corporations that play bait and switch games. This was all over a 700 dollar difference on a 40,000 dollar car. (less then 1.5%)

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